Aerial drones – or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), to use the industry terminology – have become an increasingly prevalent part for Location Managers seeking a wider perpective of evaluating locations for the production landscape. Aerialocations drones are small, mobile and flexible, the drones appear to offer a safer alternative to the traditional method of filming aerial footage. But how is the technology evolving and will it eventually make helicopter and aeroplane filming obsolete?

A drone flight usually takes two operators – one to control piloting the drone and another to separately control the camera functions. Drones are exciting because they offer the ability to completely free up the motion of the camera and put it anywhere that you want in 3D space. The advantages posed by drones for location managers are considerable. A drone can film from any angle and give an aerial view of the location. Evaluating a potential location from an aerial point of view gives the decision maker a more comprehensive point of view besides just photos.

Aerialocations provides drone videography services for film commissions seeking to market their area to film production companies and to Location Managers who are seeking aerial views of locales offer by those film commissions.