As operators of Drone aerial photography & videography services, Aerialocations can aid vendors, real estate agents and property developers across British Columbia to achieve impressive results selling real estate.


Professional property imagery is essential for any residential or commercial marketing campaign. It is a first impression that lasts. The inclusion of an aerial perspective will benefit any real estate sales strategy. Commercial drone based aerial video and photography can be used by almost any industry but real estate agents really get the most from it.


Real estate sales agents who use aerial drone presentations get an edge on their competitors and grab the attention of potential clients. Low altitude and medium to close range aerial photography and videos will take your real estate presentations to a new level.



Our unmanned aerial camera drones are equipped with high resolution cameras that takes both high quality photographs and HD video.


This kind of footage produces breathtaking angles that potential homeowners never would have seen and there are various ways of creating that home feeling through the footage while taking high altitude shots of local amenities, parks, golf courses and forests.


Drone aerial footage for real estate properties gives a depth and dimension that allows the consumer to take in the scope of land, the size of the home, the beauty and it architecture.

There’s no other way to present a home or property than through aerial footage which can turn the property into an easy sell.